The emphasis is on you

Strategy, Video

Farmaè is a brand born in Viareggio in 2014 and listed on the AIM market of the Italian Stock Exchange since July 2019. The company is the main Italian platform for the sale of beauty, health and wellness products online.

Following the “Onlife” philosophy, in which online, offline and logistics become one, it offers the customer a series of advantages in terms of assortment, speed of delivery, quality of service. To respond to the need to increase brand awareness, PG&W summarized the company mission in the slogan “Farmaè, the accent is on you”, and conceived and created a 15″ commercial broadcast on the main national channels. The production was followed up with a promotional variant, in two cuts of 10″ and 15″, with the addition of 2D graphic animation. The commercials were broadcast on all Mediaset networks.
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