Olimpia Splendid

The ideal climate at home and on Earth

Strategy, ADV Campaigns, Social, Video

Olimpia Splendid is an Italian company leader in the design, production and marketing of products for air conditioning, heating and air treatment.

In addition to creating the ideal climate at home, the company also thinks about that of the planet, with the aim of halving the carbon footprint by 2030. Communicating its commitment on the matter is the meaning of its participation in Futura Expo, the reference for companies that deal with environmental well-being and sustainable innovation. For the occasion, PG&W created the claim “Our home is the planet”, customized the stand dedicated to the home of the future and created all the communication material, from the invitations to the video presenting Olimpia Splendid’s interventions in favor of the domestic climate and that of the Earth, with its innovative and sustainable products.
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