Bergamo, European capital of cheese

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In 2015 PG&W created FORME, the event dedicated to the entire Italian dairy supply chain born in Bergamo, the area that boasts the largest number of PDO dairy products in Europe: 9! FORME is an original project, conceived, organized and communicated by PG&W.

The new and concretely revolutionary message for our country is to propose for the first time the entire Italian dairy world as a single entity, to affirm its centrality and its historical, productive and economic relevance in the international panorama. For each of the 7 editions already celebrated, PG&W has created an original theme linked to dairy culture, to which it has added a series of emblematic activities: market exhibition, museum exhibition, sensorial workshops, conferences and competitions. In 2019 it brought the largest international cheese competition, the World Cheese Awards, to Bergamo and organized B2Cheese – From milk to market, the first B2B fair dedicated exclusively to the dairy supply chain. Thanks to Forme, Bergamo has been a UNESCO Creative City for Gastronomy since 2019.
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