Fantic Issimo

Superlative since birth

Strategy, Events, Press & Media, Graphic Material

Fantic brought "Made in Italy" to the world, with off-road bikes that began to win world trials titles in the 1970s and today continue to establish themselves in national and European enduro championships.

The house has created models that have become symbols of a lifestyle, such as the legendary Caballero and the latest arrival, Fantic Issimo. As soon as he was born he already entered the Olympus of two wheels. Futuristic version of the historic model whose name it bears, it is a free contamination between the e-bike and the moped, with a unique design and a strong green attitude. PG&W told it through a spectacular launch event for the press and dealers at the Unicredit Tower in Milan, on and off-line launch campaigns, below-the-line materials.
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