BMP®. The universe in a granule

Strategy, ADV Campaigns, Social, Video

BMP®, Bi Modal Protection, is a revolutionary technology for feeding livestock animals.

A patent that dates back to the 1980s and was definitely ahead of its time, because it already proposed a solution that was attentive not only to animal well-being, but also to that of people and the environment. Dox-al, the company that produces it, asked us to raise awareness of the product, its characteristics and contents which are still innovative today. After defining the different targets of the operation, breeders, feed manufacturers and integrators, as well as sales agents, we traced the panorama of media and messages, developing concepts suited to the interlocutor. We therefore created geolocalised press campaigns, graphics for stands in Italy and abroad, a series of videos with different degrees of in-depth analysis and LinkedIn articles written by an expert on the subject. A strategy that made it possible to spread knowledge of the product and its properties, increasing the perception of value.
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