Allianz Telematics
Making a black box cute

Strategy, ADV Campaigns, Corporate identity, Website, Social, Graphic Material

In the beginning there was a black box, in the true sense of the word. A revolutionary device for its time, with GPS locator, GSM module and motion sensor. Coupled with an app, it transformed into a real telematic assistant for the motorist.

The problem was to make it likeable, to also convey its user friendly character in communication. PG&W did it, starting with the name. A diminutive of Allianz which at the same time evokes the English term ally. In addition to the name, the agency also gave the product a face, creating a cartoon character with captivating features. PG&W then developed the design of the app and the integrated communication above and below the line, on and offline, including the Facebook page which quickly gathered 50,000 fans.